Pool Repairs

Skimmer Box Replacement and Repairs

The function of your skimmer box is to deliver an access point for water to return to your filtration as well as providing a catchment area for floating leaves and debris. Plumbing concerns may arise in this area after many years of use as well as structural issues with some fibreglass and concrete panelled vinyl liner pools. We can also adjust the level, reposition or supply and install additional skimmer boxes to ensure adequate water circulation. Enquire today and discuss your repair or replacement options.

Tile Band Repairs

Whether it is a few tiles lifting, or replacing and existing tiled area, we can assist you in selecting a tile to match. Unfortunately, injury sometimes occurs before the problem tiles have been identified. If your tiled interior shows signs of deterioration, check the surface of your pool regularly to avoid nasty cuts and unwanted lawsuits.

Coping Repairs

Swimming pool copings may also need to be repaired or replaced from time to time. From loose or cracked pavers, to grout deterioration, it is important to reduce the risk of injury and financial expense by attending to these areas as soon as they appear. Identification of possible causes, the use of expansion joints and correct installation of new pavers will ensure these areas remain attractive and trouble free.

Water Feature Repairs

Are you loosing water from your water feature? Have external weather conditions taken their toll on its appearance over the years? From simple seal repairs to replacement pumps, take the plunge, bring back and restore this valuable poolside investment.


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