Fibreglass Repairs


Fibreglass Structural Shell Repairs

Bulged floors, cracks and splits are often caused by water pressure underneath your pool shell. This may be due to failure or blockage of the hydrostatic valve or poor drainage around your pool. Structural shell repairs can be applied using the correct repair method after a comprehensive shell evaluation. On completion of a major repair the shell is then resprayed with your choice of gelcoat colour, leaving you with the visual appearance of a brand new fibreglass pool shell.


As your fibreglass pool shell ages the gelcoat becomes porous allowing water to penetrate between the fibreglass layers. The pressure of the trapped water causes delamination, and over time osmosis bubbles become visible on the surface of your fibreglass pool shell. Repairing osmosis requires thoroughly grinding out the affected areas and reapplying fibreglass and vinyl ester resin to the original shell thickness. The repair is then colour matched, keeping in mind fading and the age of the pool may determine the final finish. In most cases repairs are extensive and a total respray of the shell becomes a more cost effective alternative.


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