Concrete Repairs

Concrete Structural Crack Injection

Concrete pool shell cracks may appear over many years due to environmental factors or shotty workmanship. In some cases this may lead to significant loss of water over long or even short periods of time. These cracks may be identified at the time of a renovation or after eliminating all other factors relating to water loss. For major structural cracks a concresive epoxy binder resin injection kit is injected into the repair to guarantee the pool shells structural integrity, and water loss from the point of repair will no longer occur.

Concrete Surface Rust Repairs

Pool interiors are frequently repaired upon the visual appearance of rust spots. In most cases the area beneath the rust, identifies steel lying too close to the concrete shell surface. This of course does not pose a problem unless the steel begins to leach, causing an unsightly rust spot on the interior surface of your swimming pool. Removing the rust from the surface is only a band aid solution as the rust will most certainly reappear shortly after. Removing the steel from the affected area must occur to ensure the surface repair is completely successful.

Concrete Steps & Bench Areas

Wondering whether additional steps or the construction of bench seating is possible with your existing pool shell? Well the answer is yes in most cases. Making additions to your concrete pool can improve practicality without compromising the structural integrity of the original shell. Customise and personalise your pool to meet the needs of your family. Discuss your options today.



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