Aussie Pool Interiors & Surrounds can replace or redirect your existing filtration at competitive industry prices. Quality filtration, guaranteed workmanship and manufactures warranty will ensure your family’s swimming in a healthy pool all year round. Sand Filters feature improved water circulation through a balanced layout of lateral nozzles positioned internally at the base of the filter tank. This enables water to be distributed evenly throughout the entire filter bed trapping debris and contaminants before pure fresh water returns via the multiport valve to the pool.


It’s important to install the correct size pump for your swimming pool so if you’re looking for reliable, professional performance from your pool pump then look no further. We can supply and install a pump to suit all pool applications from small patio pools to large commercial installations.


Replacing your existing chlorinator? Or maybe it’s time to convert to salt water chlorination. Either way your chlorinator’s simplicity and reliability are designed to reduce the running costs of your pool. The kids and your budget will thank you for making the change.

Plumbings, Fittings, and Accessories

Aussie Pool Interiors can improve the visual appearance and efficiency of your swimming pool by replacing changeable fitting such as hydrostatic values, main drain lids and rings, water return eyeballs and suction covers. We can also supply and install custom made filtration covers as well as replace or redirect existing plumbing. For professional advice and competitive prices on all pool products and accessories, including automatic pool cleaners, enquire today!


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